LadyBug Carpet Care

Here is an example of removing pet stains and other allergens (Pet hair) that were left over by improper carpet cleaning in a rental.

The property owner called us to redo the rental's carpet because he was very disappointed with the results of a wet extraction method that the previous renters had done professionally. (see first picture) As we started to clean the area, we began to pull up a lot of pet hair that was deep down in the carpeting. (Notice second and third photos) The pet hair is being brought to the surface by being balled up by the host sponges that were brushed in by the Freestyle host machine. (third photo) HOST© sponges act like Velcro as it latches on to the hair and removes it from carpet fibers. This is an example of why the wet method does a poor job of removing pet hair and other allergens. Water makes it impossible to remove any hair that was not taken out by vacuuming before cleaning. The wet method only rinsed the pet hair, but did not remove it. The HOST© method is superior in allergy proofing by removing hair and dirt.

(Above) Areas are being cleaned, then vacuumed using the Host method removing stains/pet hair.

The bedroom and living room carpeting are restored, as seen in last two photos. Pet hair and deep down dirt was removed.

Carpet in this rental apartment was only two years old, and the owner was afraid he would have to replace the carpet until we restored it for him.

Another happy customer!!!