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"This process is amazing - it really works! There's no smell, it's dry, green, and it took out old stains I have tried to remove for years. I had Deborah and Fred clean my regular carpet, an antique Heriz rug and four large chairs upholstered in a tapestry fabric. All were perfect and clean, when they finished. It even removed the dog hair! I will never use any company but Lady Bug to clean my carpets and furniture again. WOW, I am blown away!"

Rhona in Boulder - received from the Daily Camera

Dear Ladybug crew, Thanks for a great job on the whole house cleaning and Carpet. The 20 year old carpet looks amazing. The bathrooms and kitchen after the steamer treatment were like new. After cleaning the house, it went on the market and sold in two days. All three of the potential buyers wrote offers and commented how clean the house was. Thanks for your great service.

Jeff Petroff - Centennial, CO

Dear Ladybug, "My mattress was in very good shape but I had it for years, and I was feeling like I was getting allergies when sleeping. I talked with Deborah at Ladybug and scheduled to get the bed sanitized and cleaned with a steam vapor process. Not only was my mattress cleaned - the bed frame and headboard was also done. Our bed was a huge kings size bed and they moved the monster and cleaned under it. They sanitized the pillows as well. I felt the difference first night as I was breathing better. :-))) I learned a lot more about allergies, and proper cleaning of carpets along with vents, blinds, drapes and upholstery all help to get my allergies in control."

Catrina in Boulder, CO

To The Folks at Ladybug Carpet Care, I couldn't be happier. You saved me lots of money on the carpets in the basement and the smell is gone. We appreciate the information on the difference between the Host dry extraction method over steaming/wet extraction method. I had no clue it could make such a difference with the over all appearance and feel of this properties' carpet and room atmosphere. Our rental property basement was flooded and we had some other company come in and they re-introduced a bunch of water again with a wet extraction method. The carpet took so long to dry and the smell was horrible; we thought we would have to take up the soggy carpet and pad. With some experienced advice from the owner, Fred, and having it done with the dry method it did work out great. Times are tough in this economy and as a Landlord, I am glad I took the time to talk with these folks, and so are my tenants, as they are happy to be in the basement again. I highly recommend Ladybug Carpet Care and the Host system.

James Colts in Aurora, CO

Allergy reaction or a chemical reaction [to other cleaners] caused our baby to break out in hives.

After our one year old baby kept breaking out in hives we took her to an allergy specialist. We could not figure out why when we left our home on vacation she would get much better, when we came home she developed the hives again. The doctor asked us what have you introduced into your home during this time that is a possible cause. We could not, at first, think of anything we were doing different. Then later I remembered we had our carpets cleaned by Stanley Steamer. We called the company and asked what chemicals were applied. They could not tell us or did not know what chemicals were used by the operator. They gave our money back. So we ripped up all the carpeting and replaced them. Being so afraid to get our carpets cleaned again, we waited four years, but couldn't stand the stains anymore. We investigated looking up a company that would be safe. We decided to use Lady Bug carpet cleaning people who claim to not use chemicals. The carpets looked very clean and were dry rather quickly. We have had no problems with allergic reactions and it is six months later.

Shawn and Sherri Adel in Denver

The vapor steam cleaning is awesome! Never realized you could clean so many items in my home. Bathroom feels so clean...

Joe H. of Boulder, CO

I just moved to Fort Collins with a couple of dirty area rugs. I have never tried eco-friendly carpet cleaning and was really excited to find Lady Bug Carpet Care. I drove from Ft. Collins to Loveland and Deborah promised (and delivered) same-day service! Unfortunately, I have cheap rugs and they could not be properly cleaned; Deborah was prudent about really deep, wet cleaning because she did not want to harm my rugs (thanks!). Instead, she was kind and professional enough to offer me a 100% refund on services. While eco-cleaning didn't work out for me this time, Deborah's professionalism and integrity have me hopeful that I'll be able to go green in the future (and I've learned to avoid World Market rugs!). Thanks again, Lady Bug!

Caitlin of Loveland, CO

Once in awhile in this product saturated world of endless promises and claims that this product/service works the best, I am delighted to refer this green local service to anyone needing their carpets cleaned. I was getting tired of the new media wave of getting people to buy into the new marketing tool about being green is the only way to go. Don't misunderstand my intent, I do care about not polluting our earth, recycling, etc... But after seeing my girlfriend's filthy carpet being transformed into almost new carpeting, and then using this company in my home, I'm totally sold on this method of green cleaning.

Lori Grey of Boulder, CO

My carpet was matted, stained, and an eye sore to my new home. Having done my own carpet cleaning with a home steam machine, after five years my carpet looked pretty worn out. I had a neighbor who commented that Lady Bug Carpet Care had done her carpet the last two years, and she loved the way her carpet felt after each cleaning. Having no money to replace carpeting at this time, I decided to try them. I was amazed as I watched the machine go over my carpet and saw the Host© start working its magic. The stains disappeared and the matted carpet soon was fluffy. I was so happy, but would it last like this? I have been vacuuming it again and again with good results as the carpet continues to stay lifted and clean after a few months. it was so worth the money. They rocked in CastleRock..

Sheila of CastleRock, CO

Having to replace 2000 sq. ft. of carpeting would of cost us alot of money, so my husband said we had to live with what we got. I hated having my in-laws over for the holidays with soiled puppy stains and dirty walk areas on our carpet. My mother-in-law is a clean freak. Having only a two days notice that they were coming to visit, I decided to try a dry method because it would be still wet if I did it with a steam cleaning method. I was so surprised to see how the dry system worked out the puppy stains and old stains that kept coming back from previous cleanings also disappeared. Usually the odor from cleaning the puppy stains would smell pretty bad for a while and this time there was hardly a hint of urine smells from cleaning. THe Carpet really looked awesome. I am so relieved to have my home smell and look great again. What it did for me feeling comfortable in my home when my inlaws were here, I can't tell you enough. I wanted to thank Deborah and Fred by sending this letter of recommendation for their web page. See you next year!!!!

Gia of Arvada, CO

Fifteen years ago, my husband and I built our new home. Unfortunately, when we were in the showroom picking out carpet, we were looking at small swatches, and didn't realize we were picking out such light carpet (almost white). Well, over the years, we tried steam cleaning and having professional carpet cleaners come, and it just seemed to kind of "scratch the surface", if you will. I saw an ad for Lady Bug, and the "Host©" process of carpet cleaning, and decided I would give it a try... nothing much to lose at this point. There were some traffic areas of our carpet that were almost black (probably seemed that dark due to the light color of the carpet). When Deborah first came, she said that this first application would have to be considered a "restoration" due to the condition of the carpet. Well, she worked miracles that first time... it was the cleanest our carpet had been in YEARS! I have used Deborah the Lady Bug for the last several years, and the carpet continues to get better and better. I would NEVER use anything or anyone else at this point. Especially when she explained to me that steamers just drive the dirt deeper into the carpet, and then it comes back up over time (we found that to be true with our steamer experience).

I would highly recommend Deborah's service to anyone! It was certainly a miraculous recovery for us, and was A LOT cheaper than having to buy and install new carpet!!

Joni Maycumber of Mead, CO

Ladybug Carpet Care, thanks again for the wonderful job you did on our carpets! Your carpet cleaning method, product and good customer service really made the difference and saved us thousands of dollars in the end. For anyone interested in using this service, learn from our story and use Ladybug Carpet Care first.

We bought a foreclosed home in Golden with dozens of large carpet stains. We talked to several carpet cleaning service providers and were deciding between Ladybug and another company. Both firms told us they did not steam clean and that their methods would not apply harsh chemicals to the carpet. However, the other firm was less expensive and related to another individual we knew and so we went with them. Big mistake! The firm we went with did use a form of steam cleaning in the end with chemicals that reacted to the stains in the carpet and made them drastically worse. It turns out the previous owner had put chemicals on the stains and never cleaned the chemicals out. When the chemicals the steam cleaner used were applied to the carpet, they reacted to the chemicals dried into the carpet and turned the stains dark orange! And somehow, the carpet cleaning firm we used decided to do this to the entire carpet instead of testing it on one area first. The steam cleaner then spent several days trying to extract the stains with very limited success. Worse, he spread the stains and put excessive water in the carpet and pad which took several days to dry. During the drying process, we had movers move our belongings and we moved into our new home. The stains came back nearly as bad as they had been to start (because of the water / drying process) and worse in some places where the movers tracked new dirt in on the carpet. Before the steam cleaner started, he swore all stains would come up. By the time he was done, he said the stains were permanent and would never come out.

We called Lady Bug Carpet Care back and begged them to come look at the stains. They applied their product and method to two sample stain spots to demonstrate what kind of result we could expect. The stains were immediately lifted out of the carpet. We learned that Lady Bug’s process extracts moisture and stains from the carpet using organic / green products – a very different process than steam cleaners and chemical applications that can permanently damage your carpet. Lady Bug cleaned all of the stains and saved us from having to replace 1200 square feet of carpet which would have cost us $3,000 - $4,000. We would have saved even more money if we would have gone with Lady Bug from the start. Our biggest lesson learned is that there are many folks who claim to be carpet cleaning experts trying to make a quick buck but few that really know the business well. Lady Bug is one of those and we highly recommend them. They may not be the “low bid” but the results and customer service are well worth the little extra needed to get it done right the first time!

Jared Schoch of Golden, CO

THIS IS BRILLIANT!! The beautiful work you do on reusing the HOST bucket... AWESOME!!! I am glad to have seen the web site... Happy Cleaning

Kari L. Eschmann Retail Sales Manager HOST/Racine Industries, Inc.

Dear Deborah and Troy, Thank you for a great job on our carpets and for doing the oriental. The store looks so much better. I appreciate your kindness. Fondly,

Ann Hall of Ann's Resell in Longmont, CO

I have been using a Rug doctor and my carpets were matted, dull, and spots reappeared worse after each time I would clean the carpets. Lady Bug came and in no time the carpets were soft to walk on, renewed. The rug doctor is banned from this house. Thank you! Lady Bug.

Tony of Erie, CO

My name is Ann and I am a registered nurse. I have had my carpets cleaned the "Lady Bug way" twice now and I will never choose another method for carpet cleaning. As a registered nurse, licensed in 6 states and a job that requires me to speak and teach lung disease issues with thousands of folks around the nation, and an Asthmatic myself, this method of carpet cleaning is the safest thing you will ever do for you and your family. There are no fumes, no irritants to inhale and most of all there will never be a chance to have any MOLD build up in your home.

Most lung disease patient's have a difficult time when breathing in cleaning fluids. It causes their airways to become inflamed and irritated, which in turn triggers an attack. Attacks can range from mild to deadly. I would not want to take a chance with someone I loved to have chemicals placed into the carpet. Especially folks that have children with asthma or other lung related diseases. Children are on the floor continuously, inhaling whatever is buried in the carpet. So if you can not afford, tile, wood or linoleum flooring the only recommendation I would make is to use the " THE LADY BUG METHOD" TO CLEAN ALL YOUR CARPETS. Even old carpets can be brought back to life after just a few cleanings.

If this is your first rug cleaning, you will be amazed at the length of time the carpets stay fresh and clean. As I have been told by many retail carpet sales people, never use any chemicals on your carpets, as this will cause the soil to build up on the pad and the stain will continue to come back up after cleanings. I was told to use equal amounts of white vinegar and water to spot clean. By taking this advise and using the Ladybug method I never have to worry that my pets or granddaughters will ever inhale toxic fumes.

Thank you Lady Bug for this wonderful cleaning method. You should be in every home in America.

Ann of Superior, Colorado

Why haven't I heard about this carpet process before? My carpets look and feels great.

Joni of Berthoud, Co

I am so glad I found your service. I really thought I would have to replace my carpets in the dining room. They look beautiful now, and I am not embarrassed to entertain my in-laws. Thanks, Lady Bug Carpet Care.

C.R. of Lyons, Co

I was very doubtful when my husband hired Ladybug carpet care, because I could not see how they could clean carpets without water. I remember saying 'would you like to take a shower in dry powder, how can dry be better?' I came home from work, and the second I walked into the living room I was shocked how it looked. I took my shoes off and walked on them and they felt so soft and plushy. And the house smelled so nice. Now I admit, water is not better. I tell all my friends about the Host© system.

Sally of Lafayette, Co

I called Lady Bug, Deborah, with a major problem... Mice had nested in my couch when I put my stuff in storage for a year... the smell was terrible... They took the cushions home and brought them back clean... AND there was no mouse urine smell. I am so relieved I called them.

Sara A. of Boulder,Co

My stone tile was so dirty I thought the grout was black and the tile color was brown. I did not know how to clean them, and when Troy of Ladybug was cleaning the carpets, he ran the machine over the tile. The color was pinkish and the grout was gray. I decided to clean them. They used the same machine that cleaned the carpet to clean the stone tile. My husband and I watched as our Kitchen floor became a totally different color. I still don't know how this Host© stuff could work so good. But it did.

Linda of Gunbarrel, Co

Just wanted to thank you Lady Bug for your hard work and the beautiful job you did on my area rugs. They look so clean and new.

Nancy of Frederick, Co

I wanted to say thank you again for your service. I never thought those stains could come out, and my carpets smell and look so much better. Love your Lady Bug logo.

Merrisa of Broomfield, Co

I saved so much money by having Lady Bug Carpet Care clean my area rugs. Years ago I sent them to a rug cleaning company. They kept them for over a month, and they cost a fortune. Lady Bug came and cleaned them all, and they were ready to use. The cost was half of the other cleaners.

Judith of Lyons

I used Host© before I found Lady Bug Carpet Care, on my copper colored carpets that are 30 years old. I have never used steam cleaning and my carpets still look new. I love the color of my carpets and Lady Bug cleaners have continued to clean my carpets every few years. I love this Host© process. I know you will too

Betty of Gunbarrel, Co

I had my stairs done by a local steam cleaning company and in one week the stairs looked horrible again, worse than before. There were black streaks going down the front of the stairs and the end of each step was black. I called Lady Bug Carpet Care, and they restored the carpets to almost brand new. And the carpets did not wick back dirt as the steam cleaning method did. I thought we would have to replace the stairs but thanks to Lady Bug we did not have to. We use Lady Bug Carpet Care only and are very happy we do.

Steve of Berthoud, Co

Dear Lady Bug, I really was pleased with the carpet cleaning yesterday. I was very pleased with the fact that it was vacuumed very nicely this time without any of the particles left behind..... It looked awesome.... Thank you,

Kathy Griffin

This process is amazing, it really works! There's no smell, it 's dry, green, and it took out old stains I have tried to remove for years. I had Deborah and Fred clean my regular carpet, an antique Heriz rug and four large chairs upholstered in a tapestry fabric. All were perfect and clean, when they finished. It even removed the dog hair! I will never use any company but Lady Bug to clean my carpets and furniture again. WOW, I am blown away!

Rhona of Boulder,Co