LadyBug Carpet Care

Want a little steam in your life?

Try our Daimer Hot Steam Vapor service. Mattress cleaning: We first vacuum your mattress and then steam vapor on all sides including flipping mattress. If needed, we then use the Aridex upholstery dry foaming cleaner on the surface of your mattress to remove soil.

Why should you clean your mattress?

We spend 1/3 of every day in our beds. Human skin cells slowly build up in our mattresses. Changing the sheets does not eliminate skin cells from penetrating the mattress. Over time, tiny mites (which are everywhere) begin to leave their traces of feces in mattresses. This then becomes a problem for people who are allergic to mites. Mite allergens are found more in, under, and around bed areas and furniture. If a bed area is high in dust, animal allergens, or mites, then the allergic person cannot get the rest and healing benefits sleep gives. They continue to be weakened by their own environment. Removing pets from bedrooms, cleaning all furniture, mattresses, drapes/blinds and carpeting in the bedroom is a great why to help relieve allergies. Our professional detailed cleaning is a superior way to help an allergy sufferer.

We use the Daimer steam vapor system to kill the mites and remove their feces (which is what makes people get allergies). We also remove other dust allergens from mattresses or upholstery. (see bed bug problems below)

*We cannot totally know that treatment removes all bed bugs from a household, as the other parts of the house (walls,carpets, and other furniture) may have them as well. A professional bed bug exterminator is recommended for severe infestations.


We use 330 degrees of steam vapor with 5% ionized water. Ionized water is drinking water that has undergone a process know as ionization. Essentially, this process segregates the acid and alkaline content found in H2O. This division is achieved by subjecting the water to electrolysis by taking advantage of the naturally occurring electric charge found within magnesium and calcium ions. When successfully ionized, the water can be used to clean surfaces without chemicals. If the surface has a lot of grease and oils then we use a green and safe cleaning agent to help the process along.