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Since 1958, H.D. Rench who was the founder of Racine Industries has been manufacturing the innovative HOST© Dry System and now this system is in 60 different countries around the world.

Did you know? Our great great grandparents used similar types of absorbent types of cleaning with natural products, such as, corn meal or corn cobs to clean/absorb dirt from household items? For example, prairie women cleaned their hair without using soap or water daily. These women only having harsh lye to use as soap, were resourceful by brushing natural corn meal through their hair to clean it, safely leaving their hair shining, soft, oil free, and clean. Corn meal has also been known to be used for cleaning tools, absorbing dirt/oil off precious tools that would rust from water cleaning or absorbing oil from garage floors.

Some American Indians used to clean their beautiful woven rugs/blankets by putting frozen snow on the woven fabric, or animal skins and quickly shaking the snow back off the rug. This is a similar concept to how the host particles work. The tiny snow particles would absorb dirt from the surface and then the frozen snow was shook immediately off the rug before it became wet. To much water would cause colors to run and ruin the appearance of these beautiful naturally dyed rugs or blankets.