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Facts, Answers and Questions about our Host System

We have written some questions our customers have frequently asked in the past. You might have other questions about our services. If you need additional information, send us an email @ or give us a call @ 720.260.3859

Did you know? A scotchguard is already applied to most carpet fibers when they are manufactured. If you use a steam cleaning processes (hot steam & water) the heat will cause the carpet to loose some protectant each time it is cleaned. This makes your carpet more vulnerable to staining, and to what is called "ugly out".

Steam professionals usually recommend a protectant to make extra money. Especially if they just did a cheap coupon promotional job, they want to make up their profits with protectant charges. Protectants can be slightly sticky and leaves a layer on top of carpet so the next time they come the dirt will have stuck to the protectant. This will cause carpet to get dirty faster. Protectant also makes it easier for the steam cleaning company to clean your carpets next time. Then of course, charge more money for the protectant again, and continue the cycle of coming back more often.

***Importantly: scotchguard can be toxic and harmful to children and pets. HOST© professionals do not recommend protectants as we do not take the stain resistant out, but if you prefer a protectant there are some non-toxic protectants out there. See our green page under the "Illness" heading for more info on scotchguard toxins.